Journal DiversitÉ urbaine

Volume 9, number 2, Fall 2009, p. 5-146


Deirdre Meintel
Pages 5–7
[PDF 85 ko]  



Carole Simard and Michel Pagé
Civil and Political Participation from Immigrant Citizens
Pages 7–26
Vers [PDF 490 ko]



Alma Mancilla
Religion in Public Space: A Preliminary Enquiry on the Perceptions of some Jewish and Muslim Leaders in Montreal
Pages 27–50
Vers [PDF 499 ko]



Vincent Duclos
The Inner Voice: Therapeutic Action among Indian Migrants in Montreal
Pages 51–71
Vers [PDF 494 ko]



Alain Girard and Pierre Sercia
From Tajine to Poutine: Eating Habits among Young Maghrebis Born in Quebec and Their Parents
Pages 73–98
Vers [PDF 505 ko]



Louis Ilionor
Survival in the Margins and Struggles for recognition: The Cité Lajoie in Port-au-Prince
Pages 99–118
Vers [PDF 486 ko]



Jean-Baptiste Leclercq
Reconfiguration of the Estado de Bienestar and Discrimination in a Stigmatized District: A Field Survey in Granada's Zona Norte
Pages 119–136
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Pages 141–146
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